The art and science to prevent diseases and help promote a healthy and prolonged life with the efforts of society is called public health. Public health is nothing but building publics capabilities to help provide for the environment to help improve their health and well being.

Functions of Public health

Assessment: As the names suggest, this is the process of assessing the health needs of the community to help investigate any health effects which might be hazards to the community. The process is done by analysing and identifying the health needs of society and trying to maintain it.

Policy development: Policy development deals with understanding the public health and identifying and resources for the community to help ensure that public health is the priority. With the help of planning and policies, one can easily address all the health needs of the public to bring them all under one policy of betterment.

Assurance: This is the part we are looking to manage the resources and help implement programmes which will work in the benefit of the community. Also, they evaluate the program to help ensure that quality is of the best and allows one to inform and educate the public about a certain idea. We focus on the health and personality of the people which works on the health of individuals. They try to make sure that they can mobilise the community resource to help bring safer environment.

They also help monitor and anticipate community health needs by formulating and enforcing the needs of these health policies for improving the methods for research and evaluation. With the help of trained and competent public health workforce, one can easily carry this out by enhancing the lives of people.

Scope and opportunities

Public health sector offers a lot of career opportunities which will allow one a great career opportunity. There are many microbiologists out there, hoping to find the right cure for the Ebola and Malaria. Also, behavioural scientists who are looking into the needs and discouraging populations from smoking. There are also many scientists who are looking into building strategies to help combat diseases like HIV and AIDs. If you are looking into the professional aspects of public health-

Biostatistics: This is one field which involves the development of the application of science and human health. They help to determine the prevalence and incidents of diseases which can cause a lot of illness and can help identify the health records in the community, which can allow one to analyse any risk factors.


Environmental sciences: This is one filed which takes into consideration the air, water and artificial environment, which is essential to determine the human health on a global scale.

Epidemiology: This field talks about the acquired, social and environmental factors which will allow one to have the right methods to alleviate risks.