Health Status

This section analyses the status of health within Europe. It includes information about:

summary measures: (healthy) life expectancy;
perceived and functional health: perceived general health, functional and activity limitations, general mental health;
mortality: total, infant, perinatal, disease-specific, lifestyle-related deaths; and
diseases, disorders, injuries: infectious diseases, cancer, mental/behavioural disorders, cardiovascular disease, other non-communicable diseases, pregnancy-related conditions, injuries (including suicide).
For each cause of disease, disorder or injury the following issues are discussed:

  • definition and scope;
  • occurrence;
  • mortality;
  • consequences for individuals and society;
  • causes and risk factors; and
  • interventions.
  • The diseases are ordered according to the ICD categories. Most of the health issues presented here can be found in the detailsECHI-shortlist, upon which the selection of items has been based.